A blue leisure suit, like leisure itself, is the devil’s work, brother, but I believe a woman of extraordinary enthusiasm named Kay Groanstead (last name slightly disguised to avoid litigation), who worked the desk at a certain 8-indoor/4-outdoor racquet club in Bloomington, IL throughout the 1980s and was an early enthusiast of vanity license plates (SONRISE) is responsible for the uniformity of God-fearing, gender distinct female band uniforms here, as they so resemble the non-tennis outfits she was almost as famous for habitually telling club members she designed herself as the holy hue of sparkle-green eyeshade she probably still paints on before sunrise religiously to this day. Moreover, you may remember her estranged half-sister from her mother’s second marriage after divorcing the born again mope who worked in corporate auto claims for State Farm and gave rise (lower case) to Kay in the first place.